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Download Minecraft PE apk version Update Aquatic Bedrock, you can do it right now below this article. And now i gonna tell you what you will see new in this new version. 

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Developers: Mojang

Last Update: 2.2019

What is new in MCPE
Updated Smithing Table textures
fixed bugs

What is new in MCPE ( do not forget enable Experimental Gameplay! )

  1. New mob Wandering Trader ( will live in village and you can buy diferent items )
  2. Illager Beast ( new mob )
  3. Add Shields
  4. New blocks (Composter New Stonecutter Campfire Cooking and smoke particles will be added in a future update!)
  5. Sweet Berries and Sweet Berry Bushes Can be found in Taiga biomes
  6. Pillager Outposts! Outposts generate in the same biomes as villages, and Pillagers will respawn around the tower
  7. Villagers will change look
  8. New recipes
  9. New villager behavior
  10. and many diferent, which you can see in official website below


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